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Job Search Coaching

Visual Progress helps clients manage their job search, create an effective cv and  prepares them for interviews, Visual Progress

- helps the client brainstorm what they want and the potential opportunities available to them,

- helps create a job search strategy,

- helps the client use Linkedin to market themselves,

- helps create a cv that sells them rather than a cv that is a job description,

- helps clients tailor job applications to match the requirements of the potential employer,

- helps clients prepare for interviews and role plays interviews such that the client can effectively sell themselves.

Throughout the process he supports and encourages his clients, helps them discover their strengths and achievements, and partners with his clients in their journey. 

Matthew has successfully worked with clients in IT, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing and Project/Product Management and is able to support professionals in most sectors. Matthew often helps customers looking to work for international companies either in their own country or abroad. Clients can access the complete job search coaching service or if preferred simply select cv creation or interview preparation. References are available upon request.

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