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Promotion Coaching

Visual Progress helps clients achieve promotions, creating a plan, developing skills and taking opportunities, Visual Progress

- helps the client assess their situation and appreciate the dynamics of their challenge,

- helps the client make a detailed plan,

- helps the client review how they manage up,

- helps the client develop focus and resilience,

- helps the client develop the skills they need to learn or improve,

- helps the client promote themselves,

- helps the client in the keep steps to achieve the promotion.

Throughout the process he supports, challenges and encourages his clients, helps them discover their strengths and achievements and partners with his clients in their challenge. 

Matthew has successfully worked with clients in IT, Finance, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing and Project/Product Management and is able to support professionals in most sectors. Matthew often helps customers looking to improve their performance and positions in international companies either in their own country or abroad. References are available upon request.

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